Teranga Senegalese Restaurant

About Teranga Restaurant

Teranga is Boston’s first Senegalese restaurant, located in the historic South End neighborhood at the intersection of Mass. Ave and Washington Street. We are honored to be located in the South End with its profusion of world-class, renowned restaurants and chefs.  

Teranga literally means hospitality in Wolof, a Senegalese language. In Senegal, hospitality is more than an art and culture; it’s a way of life. Teranga is the spirit of camaraderie, tolerance, and acceptance of one another. In the Senegalese culture, we strongly believe in taking care of anyone who crosses our path, especially guests. At Teranga restaurant we try to mirror the Senegalese culture and invite our guests to do the same.

In keeping with the “Teranga Spirit”, we would like to encourage everybody to be accommodating and understanding as we may occasionally ask you to move over to the next table to make room for fellow patrons.


Note from the Owner

It is hard to grow up in a family of business owners and not have the spirit of entrepreneurship. In addition to their regular jobs both my parents had their own business.

Some of my earliest and favorite memories are of watching –sitting on the kitchen floor, peeling garlic, grinding spices in the mortar and pestle, or engaging in any chores she would be willing to entrust to me- my mother prepare some of the scrumptious meals she used to serve us. It was there that my passion for food was inspired. At the age of 11, I started exploring my culinary talent by making family dinners and meals on weekends.

The Senegalese cuisine is a melting pot of diverse cultures including French, Asian, Arabic, and African. The exposure to different cultures has allowed to harmoniously blend together all the varied tastes to create a unique cuisine. At Teranga restaurant, we attempt to revive the distinct qualities of Senegal’s cultural influences, adapting and incorporating local, regional, and international ingredients into authentic culinary creations.

Quality and freshness predominate. I take great care in selecting fresh ingredients and preparing meals with meticulous care and taste. My homemade salad dressings, marinades, pickles, and spicy pastes are evidence of my dedication to distinction. I embrace the challenge of preparing simple, innovative gourmet food.

With my enthusiasm, I bring to Téranga my spirit for originality, my commitment to quality and excellence, and my touch of classy gourmet style.

I wish you a pleasant and memorable experience with us at Teranga restaurant.